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Cannabit Stealth Pc Grow Box canna2012 black

You Can Pick up In Person If You Want To,Please Refer to our About Us page
for more info.

The ultimate stealth grow box,
It is a Stealth Pc Grow Box that can grow any plant indoors. Buy one today.
Plug in and grow
Ultra Silent, 100% Light sealed,the perfect climate for photosynthesis (Plant Growth)

Comes with:
1X 30w RED Spectrum 2700k hydroponics grow light (PRODUCES A HIGH YIELD-FRUITING PLANTS)
1X 30w BLUE Spectrum 6400k hydroponics grow light (PRODUCES A HIGH YIELD-VEGETATION STATE)
1X Light reflector.
2X Mini Activated carbon filter.
2x Ultra Silent fans.
1X Digital ProgrammableTimer.
Insulated with C3 reflective silver (anti-heat-detection).
1x all in one power unit.
1x ON/OFF Power Switch.
1x Removable power lead.
1x Digital Thermometer.(No Batteries-Powered by pc case)
2X Working USB sockets on front of case
100% fully stealth.
5X pots (soil) 5 jiffy pellets.
(HOW TO) mini booklet beginners guide, also available in a PDF version after purchase.

High quality stealth pc grow tower unit,ready to grow,
Avoid EXPENSIVE Imitations,These are the best Stealth Pc grow cases on the Market.(FACT)

Was: 287.21 GBP
NOW: 162.97 GBP

Customer Reviews
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Excellent,better than i expected. - Barrie

Great Deal and extremely stealth thank's Cannabit. - John

I just love it,thank god i found you. - Sarah

Hey,Thanks i Just Received My stealth box today. - Zonar

OMG...these rule and are way cheaper than others i have seen,Thanks. - John.c

Oh Cannabit,how you have saved my life with this stealth box,
it is unbelievable for the actual size and it works great..cheers. - Alan

Very Satisfied With this product,Many Thanks on your spectacular Product. - Sam

Simply Amazing. - Jeff R

Superb we Love it. - Linda and David

Super Stealth Pc Grow Case and at a super price and Speed of Delivery,Thanks. - Ricky p

Hi Cannabit,Thanks, I just got my Pc Grow Box this morning and it even has instructions
Great as i did'nt expect it to have. - Derik wire

Hello Cannabit,Thanks again i got my second pc box today and ive just noticed the Usb sockets
actually work aswell didnt even think to use them on my first one as i thought they were just
for show,LOL....Thanks. - SmokeyJ22

Arrived bang on date. Great buy, 100% positive feedback for this trusted seller, many thanks - Guy H

By far the best quality ive seen,Plus....love the name :) - Alice Williams

Speedy delivery,Great item,thanks. - Unknown

Ive had one around 9 months now and now i need a new carbon filter,What do you recommend? - Steve G

I Love your website x - Lindsy

Product took over a week to arrive,but i must say it was worth the wait, I love this spectacular item. - Nelson K

Great Product - Unknown.

I love the Grow app that it comes with as can control everything from it,Works really Well,Plus your Product is Just Excellent, - Ronnie Bigs.

Now i know why cannabit is rated number 1,Great Price,Quick Delivery,Perfect product!! - John Boi.

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